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Nautical Trend

Lets face it, we all dream of the seaside as soon as it gets warmer. Fish and chips on the beach, strolling along the sand with the waves lapping at our toes, the warm sunshine beating down on your shoulders. So why not bring some of those good vibes into your home?

My Living Room Makeover

It feels like I've been meaning to write this post for ages. A month after I moved in and all the dramas I've been through my living room is almost done minus new carpets! So after promising to keep you updated here it is, my new look living room and your either going to love it or hate it.

Living Room Before

What to do about damp

Damp is an incredibly common problem that’s best tackled early. Condensation, rising damp and penetrative damp can all take their toll on your carefully coordinated decorating scheme, not to mention the fact they can make your home feel cold and unwelcoming. In the winter months when we have our central heating cranked up and the outside of our properties take a battering from the elements, damp problems can become more visible. If you’ve noticed some damp patches emerging and want to put your home back to its best, read on for some tips for dealing with the dark destroyer.

What to do about damp

Ideal Home Show

It's been so long since I last updated this blog and I can only apologise. Stuff with the house has taken over my life but now it's starting to take shape I've finally had a chance to kick back things that I've wanted!
Today I've spent the day at the Ideal Home Show thanks to British Gas and Talented Talkers.

Ideal Home Show 2016

My house of horrors

This isn't your traditional save for a house, buy one, move in, live happily ever after kinda story. Make sure your sitting near a light, your not alone and only continue if your not of a nervous disposition as this story is about to get scary...

my home buying story

Kitchen plans

Designing a new kitchen as been a fun and difficult task. Due to the state of our current kitchen we haven't really been able to use it so deciding what we did want and didn't want has been a challenge to say the least. However, I think we've cracked it!

Kitchen Plans

What to expect when a Surveyor comes to visit

When you're selling your house, a surveyor will need to inspect your property during the conveyancing process. In England and Wales, the type of survey they do depends on what your potential buyer asked for.

what to expect when a surveyor comes to visit